The Heartwarming Story: Looking in the Mirror

100% of the proceeds from the book  Looking in the Mirror  go towards Spinal Cord Research.

In Looking in the Mirror Barbara Turnbull revisits, for the very first time, the night of her shooting and the long and painful recovery that followed. She takes us through the media blitz that cast her as a “celebrity victim” and the dramatic events of her assailants’ trial.

Looking in the Mirror is a gripping account of Turnbull’s refusal to let her life be hijacked by tragedy. Instead, she shapes a new life for herself, first as a journalism student at Arizona State University, and then in a career as a reporter for The Toronto Star.

As she takes a hard look at her past, present and future, Turnbull opens our eyes to the facts of life for the disabled in our communities and in the workplace, and tackles some of the emotional burdens that come along for the ride.

Written with relentless energy and unfailing humour, Looking in the Mirror is the unforgettable story of Turnbull’s life behind the headlines.

What People Have Said About The Book:

“I don’t know why the Barbara Turnbull incident affected me with such intensity when hundreds of similar events only strengthened my resolve to live my life free from fear and false restrictions, but it did. And though a simple case of paranoia can’t even be compared to the suffering of the Turnbull family, part of me was also destroyed when the bullet tore into Barabara’s life.”
– JUDY HUGHES, Mississauga News

“In Looking in the Mirror Barbara writes effortlessly and eloquently about her life. Her personal account is an informative and riveting text for those who seek an understanding of the ramifications of living with a severe disability.”
– RICK HANSEN, Man In Motion Foundation

“Barbara Turnbull the woman is totally honest, eloquent, intelligent and compelling. Barbara Turnbull the writer is the same. This is an unforgettable book.” – JUNE CALLWOOD, Canadian Author