About The Foundation, Our Guiding Principles


The purpose of this Foundation is to encourage the public to recognize and financially support internationally esteemed research being done in Canada in the field of neuroscience, particularly as it relates to the remediation of spinal cord injuries.


Incredible advances have been made in the last decade in the field of neuroscience. The driving force that encouraged Barbara Turnbull to write her autobiography was the realization that these advances may make the goal of regaining function to damaged nerve cells in the spinal cord attainable.

Through further research, there is the possibility of new discoveries and confirmations, which may result in methodologies for repair or regeneration of the spinal cord after injury. Successful remediation will greatly improve the quality of life of those who have been affected by spinal cord injuries, as well as reduce the ongoing costs of providing related care and support.


Based on a synergistic approach that recognizes excellence in collaborative research in Canada in the field of neuroscience, the mission of this Foundation is:

  • To make the public aware of the need to financially support this vision.
  • To develop strategic co-operative initiatives with other institutions and foundations which are interested and involved in the study of spinal cord injury and remediation, such as the Brain Canada Foundation.
  • To fund internationally esteemed research in this field which is being done in Canada

Governing Parameters:

Revenue Canada has granted status to the Foundation as an officially registered non-profit charitable organization. The foundations Registration Number is:  88647 2562 RR 0001

This Foundation is qualified to issue official receipts for income tax purposes for gifts made to the Foundation.

Consistent with the objects of the Foundation, disbursements from revenues received by the Foundation will be directed for research activities.

Choice of recipient funds will be based on input or recommendations of knowledgeable scientific advisors, and/or by a technical peer review process.

Barbara Turnbull is the Chair and President of the Barbara Turnbull foundation for Spinal Cord Research.