Foundation Events

The following list of events covers an unlimited time horizon. Lectures can be viewed and printed by clicking on either the Word or PDF icons below.
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2012 Word Doc icon PDF icon Susan J. Harkema, PhD, University of Louisville, discusses Neuromodulation of spinal cord circuitry for recovery after neurologic injury.
2011 Word Doc icon PDF icon Professor and Chairman, Armin Curt – MD FRCPC at the University of Zurich, discusses clinical trials in human SCI patients: Gaining insights, then frustration.
2010 Word Doc icon PDF icon Dr. Edgerton discusses strategies that take advantage of the automaticity of postural and locomotor control following SCI. [ Program Booklet ] [ Speaker Bio ]
2009 Word Doc icon PDF icon Current research in the Tator Lab on transplantation of neural stem/progenitor cells for regeneration and recovery of the spinal cord. Clinical trial updates etc.. [ visit web site ]
2008 Word Doc icon PDF icon Using small molecules to activate self-repair mechanisms. Bioengineering strategies for spinal cord repair.
2007 Word Doc icon PDF icon Human neural stem cells derived from embryonic stem cells. A new potential source of cells for spinal cord repair.
2006 Word Doc icon PDF icon Functional electrical therapy – retraining grasping in spinal cord injury. Neurological recovery and hand function.
2005 Word Doc icon PDF icon Magnetic resonance imaging of stem cell therapies in the central nervous system.
2004 Word Doc icon PDF icon Repair of spinal cord injury using stem cells.
2003 Word Doc icon PDF icon Protection and repair strategies in experimental spinal cord injuries. (Barbara Turnbull Lectureship Series)
2002 Word Doc icon PDF icon Recent Advances in the repair of the injured spinal cord.

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